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We are a newly formed firm, born out of the need to repair my own car seats and their covers. I am a long time Peugeot 205 Gti owner (sufferer !) and my great little car is now showing signs of its age. Although mechanically sound I needed to repair the seat foam bolsters and also the covers. This relatively simple task is hindered by the fact that Peugeot do not make the covers or the foam inserts any more. They do still have them on their parts list though - rather strangely.

A good repair needs good materials and I have done my research in a very thorough manner and have, I believe found an ideal replacement fabric for the bolster covers. This material is used on the bolsters and also forms a large part of the rear seats as well. Before a repair can be carried out it is usually necessary to repair or even replace the relevant bolster. The common failures being to the driver side seat - outboard bolster and the passenger seat - outboard. The cumulative effect of sliding in and out of the seat eventually causing the bolster foam to fail. I have produced a DIY guide to repairing these bolsters which is available as free download from this site

(Bolster repair manual)

and this should make a contribution to preserving the fixed resource that is the Peugeot Gti seat foam inserts. I should add that I personally have been able to repair many "beyond recovery" bolsters so don't be discouraged. All that is needed is a few simple tools and the will to succeed.

The repair aspect of our offerings to market whilst significant , belies the need for full replacement seat covers - front and rear. Where a 205 range model is fitted with single material seat covers this does not present a problem and we will be developing a range of quality replacement seat covers for this purpose. On the Gtis the seat covers have a patterned seat/backrest insert with black or dark grey bolsters.

Again it is unfortunate that this coloured material is no longer produced and thus to enable satisfactory repairs and replacement covers to be fitted I have designed a commissioned the production of my own version of this fabric called "Quintet" to replace the inserts. There will also be a variant with Alcantara inserts.

Please take the time to look at our current range of products and if you think they may suit you (and your car) then we are happy to serve you. best regards
Dave Hickman