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Because Peugeot no longer manufactures either the soft trim or the foam for the 205 Gti seats, repairing wear and tear has been a somewhat hit and miss affair, and usually results in having to make do and mend by cutting out the broken bolster foam, replacing it with a good one (which had to be cut from another set of seat foam) and then fitting another cover if it was needed.

I intend to put that situation right by offering both replacement thigh bolsters and bolster cover repair kits, along with fully refurbished seat covers for the 205 Gti and it's related models.
If you can sew well enough - or at least if you know someone who can , then the repair kits are for you. Not quite so confident - then choose our "factory sewn option" with which you purchase ready replacement covers for you to fit.

Our launch products are the front seat thigh bolster foams, with the cloth bolster covers being available as a kit shortly after. I have completed the design and manufacture of a replacement material for the seat inserts, that bit with the miniature check type pattern in red and black or green/black . To reproduce the original exactly was not possible because of the nature of the materials used in the weft; which is laminated wool felt. I have produced a material, which looks like the original but which, I believe, will have better wear characteristics and hence durability. This fabric is on sale now.

The foam in the seats presents it's own particular problems. The thigh bolsters being particularly prone to wear and also "crumbing" of the foam itself. Repair is sometimes feasible and my DIY guide will give you some hints as to how this maybe achieved.If this is impractical then buy my new foams, thus saving another set of original seat foam for further use and recycling.