... "Let us be seated"

Download page for guides,How-To's, and misc. downloads

I must admit that I've always preferred to "look in a book" for information on how to do things and this section contains the stuff, that over the last few years, I think is useful when working on your seats and covers.

1) My guide to removing your front seat covers:
Front seat cover removal guide
2) My guide to thigh bolster repair:
Bolster repair guide
3) My bolster foam fitting guide:
Bolster fitting guide
4) My guide to seat insert replacement:
Seat insert preparation guide
5) My guide on how to layout the bolster patterns:
Bolster pattern layout guide
6) My guide to sewing up your bolster covers:
Work in progress
7) My guide on how to layout the Rallye seat component parts:
Rallye seat pattern layout guide
8) Current prices and costings:
My current price list
9) Sundry seat patterns in a zip file:
Assorted seat patterns for printing